New Look at Vulture Wings From Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 4’

Thanks to comic creator, Ken Penders, fans can now see what Vulture’s wings would’ve looked like in ‘Spider-Man 4.’

In the last few months, plenty of news has come out about Sam Raimi’s now-legendary unmade sequel, Spider-Man 4. Thanks to a new book, Sean O’Connell’s With Great Power, fans received a heap of fresh information on what could have been with actor John Malkovich and his intended role, the villainous Vulture. The antagonist, who would end up being portrayed by Michael Keaton in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, was set to engage the film’s titular hero in multiple aerial set pieces, which likely would have made for some spectacular moments on the big screen. Unfortunately, all that’s ever been made public from those scenes are the original pieces of concept art, which at least gave Spider-Man diehards a decent idea of what Malkvoich’s Vulture would have looked like.

Now, in a surprising reveal, comic creator Ken Penders has taken to his social media to share some previously withheld images of the first live-action Vulture wings in all their practicality. In his tweets, Penders explains that a friend of his had been working on the Vulture suit before production on Spider-Man 4 was shut down, and Penders was lucky enough to check it out:

The design seen in the images matches the recent revelation that Malkovich’s Vulture would have weaponized his mechanical wings and used the feathers as blades. They also give fans a better idea as to how the movie’s version of Adrian Toomes would have worn the suit and used it in battle against Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker. This may be the best look ever given at the real wings, and could end up being the best look anyone ever gets.

Source: Twitter

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