FX President Confirms ’Archer’ and ’It’s Always Sunny’ Are Here To Stay

Some shows just don’t know when to end, and others maybe never should. FX President Eric Schrier seems to believe his network is home to two of the latter, as indicated by recent statements made to Deadline. The television boss was asked about FX’s long-running sitcoms It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Archer, both of which have crossed the threshold of at least a decade on the air.

Having just finished it’s 15th season, Sunny has broken the record to become the longest running live-action comedy in history. The honor was previously held by The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet at 14 seasons. The show, which stars Charlie DayGlenn HowertonKaitlin OlsonRob McElhenney, and Danny DeVito as miscreant owners of a South Philly bar, has three more seasons on it’s current renewal. While some would believe they could be the final installments in the Sunny saga, Schrier seems to think there may still be more for the series:

It’s interesting with that show. The guys have been doing it for so long. As long as they feel that they creatively can maintain its vibrancy, they want to continue to do it. Creatively, the show is excellent, and we think the last season was as strong as ever. The fans love the show, so we’ll keep going as long as as they want to keep it going.

Eric Schrier

Archer is now entering it’s 13th season, and many have begun to question just how long it can continue to last. This uncertainty was recently accelerated by the unfortunate death of one of the show’s main stars, the incomparable Jessica Walter. However, Schrier says there are no current plans to end the series, citing other legendary animated sitcoms as evidence of its longevity:

It’s not designed to be the last season. I think we feel really good about the scripts, they’re animating them now for the next season. We’re waiting to see how the creators feel about how long it should progress. We’re very enthusiastic about that show and its continued longevity. When you have an animated half-hour like that, it can continue on, as you can see with The Simpsons, for a very long time. Archer still does great for us and people love it and the fans love it. So as long as they can keep doing it and maintain the quality, we’ll want to support it.

Eric Schrier

Archer season 13 premieres on FX sometime this fall.
Source: Deadline

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