‘Gladiator’ Sequel Adds Denzel Washington

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Ridley Scott has been quite busy preparing work on a sequel to the iconic Gladiator film. While it’s still quite a surprise that we’re seeing this film of all get a sequel, it is still picking up quite a bit of steam and adding talent left and right. Shortly after it was revealed that Eternals star Barry Keoghan was part of the cast, it seems that Ridley Scott is also going to reunite with Denzel Washington. It’s the first time since these two A-listers worked together since the release of American Gangster.

He will star opposite Paul Mescal, who is in the leading role of the project. Costume designer Janty Yates is also back to the project after having worked on the costumes from the original Gladiator that marked the film that would be nominated for twelve Academy Awards and even won Best Picture. It also was the film that put Russell Crowe on the map and made him one of the biggest names in the industry after his Best Actor victory.

The story will not revisit the early days of Maximus but rather a new character named Lucius (Mescal), whose story continues years after the end of the original. He was strongly inspired by the heroic actions of Maximus, which will likely kick off the events of this film. Washington‘s role remains a secret but he’ll likely have a major role in the project. Keoghan is set to take on the role of a character known as Emperor Gata, who was an actual Roman emperor.

Source: Deadline

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