Marvel’s ‘X-Men ’97’: Revealing the Big Bad Behind the Mutant Massacre

Marvel’s X-Men ’97 faces a crucial turning point as Bastion emerges as a formidable antagonist in the revival series. Learn more about this ruthless foe and the talented actor behind his voice.

A common theme with many of Marvel Studios’ streaming series has been a concern that they would need to “stick the landing” in order to ultimately be considered successful. At this point, it seems as though X-Men ‘97 could not only wobble a little bit on the landing but perhaps miss the mat entirely. With 7 strong episodes now under its belt, Marvel Animation’s revival series has been a weekly topic of conversation. The latest episode, Bright Eyes, not only gave Rogue center stage to express her rightful rage but also finally revealed the big bad behind the mutant massacre on Genosha…and it’s exactly who we thought it was…the second time around at least.

Bright Eyes revealed that as far as X-Men ‘97 goes, there’s an even bigger fish than Mister Sinister. As speculated here (and hinted at heavily over the course of the series), the cyborg known as Bastion was indeed behind the Wild Sentinel’s attack on Genosha and it looks like he’s just getting started.

Who is Bastion?

Bastion, a formidable antagonist within the Marvel Comics universe, embodies the relentless pursuit of mutant extinction. As a Sentinel mastermind, Bastion represents the pinnacle of anti-mutant technology, leading the charge in hunting down and eliminating mutant-kind. His origins trace back to the depths of Nimrod and the Sentinel program, where he emerged as a genocidal force determined to eradicate all mutants. With Trask Industries backing his efforts, Bastion wages a relentless campaign against mutants, employing advanced AI technology and ruthless tactics to achieve his goal of mutant eradication.

Bastion’s attributes are as ruthless as they are deadly, with a fanatical devotion to his cause and an indomitable will to succeed. As the leader of Humanity’s Last Stand, he commands an army of Sentinels and Purifiers, relentless in their mission to exterminate mutants. His actions provoke confrontation and opposition from the X-Men and other mutant groups, who view him as a persistent threat to their existence.

In the ongoing struggle between mutants and their adversaries, Bastion remains a formidable adversary, challenging the X-Men and testing the limits of their resilience. His genocidal agenda and advanced technological capabilities make him a persistent menace, driving the X-Men to confront him time and time again in a battle for survival.

Who is Voicing Bastion?

As theorized in a recent Connecting Imaginary Dots piece, Bastion was voiced by Theo James. James has made quite a name for himself as a voice actor and has had a solid career renaissance of late by taking on villainous and somewhat shady roles. James knocked it out of the park in his debut as Bastion, especially in the way he comfortably and easily knocked Mister Sinister down a peg.

With three episodes left to go that seem to all be inspired by Bastion’s first major comic book arc, Operation: Zero Tolerance, the good news is that James is just getting started as Bastion and we’re likely to be treated to a delicious performance that will give fans a new face to hate.

The first seven episodes of Marvel Animation’s X-Men ’97 are now streaming on Disney Plus.

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