Leaked ‘Mission Impossible 7’ Set Video Shows Steam Train Drive Off Cliff

mission impossible set video

Many films have faced various delays throughout the pandemic. One of them was the highlight anticipated sequel to Mission Impossible: Fallout that would continue the story of Tom Cruise‘s Ethan Hunt, who is an agent of the IMF, the Impossible Missions Force. Christopher McQuarrie is continuing his work from the previous two entries, which started with Rogue Nation in 2015, to film the next two installments.

The seventh film is slated to release in May of 2022 with the sequel filming back-to-back for 2023. It looks like production has resumed after a COVID-induced delay with the team driving a steam train off a cliff in the Derbyshire quarry. The Daily Mail shared some photos from the sequence with Twitter user @cherrystreet71 offering a video on the stunt scene in action.

Tom Cruise was reportedly on set and it seems like he may have jumped on the helicopter that can be briefly seen taking off before the train hits the cliff. It’s uncertain if he was on the train, but the actor has been very open about doing his own stunts in these projects. Yet, he may also have just been part of the filming crew trying to get the sequence on film. The Daily Mail shared a picture of him in supposedly all-black alongside the production crew.

Big entrance: Tom was in all black as he stood near a golf buggy

The Mission Impossible series has been famous for its use of practical elements, which are spearheaded by its production team and Cruise‘s involvement. It’s not every day you get to witness a train drive off a cliff and it seems to fall into a pit of water, which might be there to dampen the fall. There’s no report if the train was an old steam engine they purchased for this sequence, but it’s likely they built a replica for this sequence. It’s not uncommon, as Kurt Russell famously destroyed the real 150-year old guitar rather than the replica in a sequence of The Hateful Eight.

Source: Twitter, The Wrap, Daily Mail, Billboard

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