‘Rosaline:’ Kaitlyn Dever on How She Shaped Her Role

For Kaitlyn Dever, prepping for ‘Rosaline’ included familiarizing herself with the character from Shakespeare’s story.

William Shakespeare‘s story of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, is widely known across the world. What some people might not know, though, was that in the original story, there was another person Romeo loved before Juliet – that person was none other than Rosaline. For leading lady Kaitlyn Dever, who takes on the role of Rosaline for the Hulu film, getting to know Rosaline from Shakespeare’s story was an important step in preparing for the role.

During the virtual press conference for the movie, Dever explained that Rosaline’s limited role in the original story actually made it easier for her to develop the character. “She is mentioned in Romeo and Juliet. But she’s a very, very, very small role in the story,” Dever explained. “And so, because of that, it was actually a really exciting prospect because you can kind of do anything and everything you want to, and the character that I sort of created with Karen was kind of something that we just felt like you could go for it in so many ways.”

Dever continued, noting that she had a ton of fun with the character. She got to enjoy her determination and fearlessness, while also having the chance to be more comedic in her delivery at times. “I just appreciated and admired her, you know, determination and her fearlessness and her drive. The writing is so brilliant,” she said. “It was really easy to kind of go there. But, I mean, it was so easy to just have the most fun and just be sort of outrageous sometimes, and sarcastic and comedic with this whole cast. It was really, really fun.”

One of the things Dever, as well as the rest of the cast, had to be careful with was how far they were willing to take things. As the actress explained, it was all about balance because of the fact that Rosaline is “a lot.” Thankfully, director Karen Maine was there to help guide them all.

I feel like it was always kind of, we were always exploring that and those tones.  And sort of, I feel like some days I was like, “Yeah, that was a lot.”  And Rosaline is a lot sometimes.  And that’s what’s so much fun about her in playing her. But I think you never really know, but I think, yeah, we did have, you know, Karen there as a constant guide. And she’s so good with direction and sort of allowing us to feel free in that.


Rosaline will premiere on Hulu this Friday, Oct. 14th, 2022.

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