‘Gotham Knight’s Ordered to Series by The CW

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It seemed like the CW was cleaning up, as they’ve started canceling one project after another. Yet, it seems that they still have a few projects in the development pipeline they’ve decided to pick up some of their new pilots. Among them is the new DC series Gotham Knights, which mainly shares the name and premise of the upcoming Warner Bros. Montr√©al game.

The series joins Walker: Independence and The Winchesters for the 2022-23 season, which are both prequel series from CW’s line-up. Gotham Knights is an original concept that explores Bruce Wayne’s offspring after his father dies and is forced to work with the children of Batman’s villains.

While many expected the sale of existing projects was due to the upcoming Warner Bros. Discovery sale that has been rumored for some time. It seems that Nexstar is currently in the lead to purchase the broadcast network, but that makes it unclear what would happen to its intellectual properties that technically belong to WArner Bros.

They’ve recently been busy canceling various projects, which included their Charmed remake, Batwoman, and even last season’s newest DC addition, Naomi. The latter was quite the surprise for many, as many saw it as a new start to their DC CW slate after various Arrowverse mainstays were leaving. It’s unclear what may happen to Gotham Knights in case a sale does end up happening, but it’s great to see them moving forward.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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