Key Takeaways from ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ First Q&A

Marvel’s Avengers has kicked into gear with some much-needed interaction with the community. It was something that many were asking for, as we ran out of things to do in the game. We got a live-stream with the developers and a rather detailed State of the Game blog entry. It gave us some insight into what happened behind-the-scenes and what the current focus is. This week we were surprised by the announcement of a Q&A. Anyone could drop their question so that the development team would discuss current issues. Not everyone was going to make it in, but they confirmed more are on the way. Here is a quick rundown of the biggest takeaways from Scott Amos‘ first Q&A.

  • Campaign replay has already entered the first testing phase. The biggest challenge is adjusting the individual character’s levels so that they work within the story.
  • They are hard at work trying to fix some of the lingering issues. As such, they are not going to roll out any seasonal content or events for now. Yet, Amos has highlighted that they have thought of it, and they will be adding new pieces of content in the future, such as gear, locations, enemies, villains, and more.

  • The current Tachyon missions will lead to the upcoming AIM Cloning Labs. As such, these two will be the set-up for Kate’s new operation. It will contain brand new cutscenes, adapted locations, and new missions. They do highlight that she will have some unique environments that will act as baby steps.
  • Existing Avengers will receive brand new skill trees, so we will see them evolve. They also teased unique story missions for the characters that continue where we left off.
  • New mechanics are already in development. They teased that the Tachyon rifts are just a simple version of what is coming.
  • Cross-platform is top-of-mind, but they are finalizing cross-generation play with the transition to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

  • They did tackle a question on the current lack of content. It is sadly an issue that they don’t want to give any exact dates. The dev team is trying to avoid rushing the content out. Amos did have the poor wording of “release this calendar year” which doesn’t give us a feeling if Kate will be available in November after all.
  • They teased larger expansions, which will offer new level design, warzones, and biomes. It seems very likely this will be the Black Panther addition.
  • They are working on how they can communicate the road map without setting specific dates. They want to avoid the issue of it getting released prematurely.

So, I do believe the Q&A did a decent job. They tackled some of the most frequently asked questions and offered some minor glimpses into what is coming. The biggest issue is the Kate timeline. She was going to be released this month but was then “slightly” postponed. Now, they are expanding the deadline until the end of the year. I doubt it’ll be that long, but the wording just wasn’t great to give people hope on an upcoming content drop. Right now, people want content as soon as possible, but we don’t have a feeling for how long the wait will be.

Also, they didn’t talk much about the AIM Cloning Lab, so we have no idea when that drops. My best guess was next weekend, but it’s hard to say at this point. It is a Q&A to show that they are actively giving feedback to the community, but we do need some kind of plan. I hope that the November War Table video is released earlier than later, as this will be the thing to keep people playing once the holiday gaming markets get filled. I am still excited about how the game will grow, but I do believe we need a clearer picture, as many like to joke, soon.


You can check out the complete Q&A right here:

Source: YouTube

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