Iman Vellani Talks ‘MS. MARVEL’s Relevance and What it Means to Play Her

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Ms. Marvel will introduce the world to newcomer Iman Vellani as the titular hero. She’ll embody the character of Kamala Khan and her struggles as a Muslim-American teenager in a world filled with superheroes. We’ve gotten glimpses of the show that was originally set to release this year, but Marvel Studios has been oddly quiet on its development. Hawkeye is eyeing a November release, but there is no word if Ms. Marvel would fill the tight slot between it and the recently started What If…? series.

A recent leak gave us our first clear look at her rather faithful costume, but with one noticeable difference. She was wielding a purple power construct on her hand rather than showing off her classic Embiggen abilities. It’s unclear how much they will deviate from the source material, but Vellani spoke about tackling the role in an interview with Variety:

The fact that the show is being made & they’re including this character in the MCU is [what’s important]. I don’t really have to go out of my way & talk about being a Muslim and being Pakistani — it all comes out in the show. People seeing a person like me involved in a project as big as this is, I think, inspiring enough.

The MCU is expanding in many ways. Falcon and the Winter Soldier also tackled important perspectives that normally don’t get the limelight in media. Ms. Marvel has the potential to explore that same depth with how Kamala Khan adjusts to gaining abilities beyond her control and also being a Muslim-American. It’ll be interesting to see how they build upon her story and what the strange constructs have to do with her overall journey.

Source: Variety

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