‘Ms. Marvel’ Promo Art Confirms Rumored New Abilities

Ms.Marvel is reportedly set to air sometime this year and it seems like merchandise for the series is already beginning to trickle out. Rumors have swirled around Kamala’s power set and it seems some new promo art from the upcoming series has confirmed a rumor we’ve been hearing for quite some time now.

This new piece of merchandise featuring Iman Vellani suited up as Ms.Marvel seems to confirm that this version of Kamala will indeed wield purple construct abilities that allow her to conjure things up the way a Green Lantern does. The rumor from a while back stated that the bangle Kamala wears on her arm allows her to conjure this purple energy that she uses to fight crime, and here, it looks to have taken a crystallized form. The extent of these powers remains unknown, and how they even manifest from the bangle is a mystery.


It’s unknown if Ms. Marvel will still have her classic embiggening ability from the comics, but the power set could be reimagined so that the constructs act as her stretching and embiggening abilities and act similar to her original powers. Fan reception towards those rumors has been very divisive for the most part and this confirmation will surely spark more conversation about it. With no release date in sight, it’ll be interesting to see if the series will release this year, or makes its way to early next year,

SOURCE: Twitter  

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