Set Photo Offers First Look at Ezra Millers ‘The Flash’ Suit

the flash suit

Production on the upcoming Flash film has been quite busy recently. They took to the streets of Glasgow for a high-speed chase between Ben Affleck’s Batman and a mystery Humvee. While there seems to be no sign of the Flash anywhere that doesn’t mean he isn’t around. A photo leaked from the set of the DC film looks to have given us our very first look at the scarlet speedster in his new outfit, a much smoother and vibrant red suit featuring the classic gold accents and of course, the wings.

A new set photo from Twitter user crypt0dad looks to have given us the first look at a suit that looks to be quite the vast departure from Barry’s first suit, which was seen in both cuts of Justice League. What was once a armored suit made from rocket metal and held together with wires looks to have been turned into a much more streamlined look and features golden boots. Of course he has the classic wings on his helmet. Surrounded by quite the green screen, context on the scene remains absent. The tweet in question includes some might interesting details on who may be with Barry.

The user explains that while he was working on the film with the titular hero, he wasn’t the only one. The user mentions that Batman and Superman were on set with him at the same time. However it remains unclear which Batman it was whether it be Keaton or Affleck. The “Superman” could’ve been Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl, but would be odd to not call her by her name. While we’ve yet to see a full official look at Barry’s new out, this should give you a much better idea of what to expect, since it isn’t the best photo.

Source: Twitter

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