EXCLUSIVE: ‘WHAT IF…?’ Creators Originally Wanted to Go 2D

Marvel Studios’ first foray into animation is set to release on August 11th with What If…?, a series that will span a series of countless alternate outcomes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At a glance, the show immediately stands out with its unique art style and animation. However, the series almost looked like a completely different show at one point. In a recent interview with our very own Charles Murphy, What If…? director Bryan Andrews revealed that when the show first began development, they pictured it in 2D animation but decided otherwise due to the amount of work needed.

“Originally .it would’ve been awesome to go 2D because cause I love it, but you know, everyones busy. There’s a lot of animation being made right now and a lot of great studios have already been snatched up and the clock was ticking and we needed to do something. We felt a 3D-for-2D style might actually help us because there was a number of studios that were available that could do that. The only thing was that we wanted to lean even more heavily into the 2D part of that 3D-for-2D because most cel-shaded 2D-for-3D stuff I really dislike. We’re trying to push it and they were all excited about trying to push it as well and its an ongoing process that we’re still trying to figure out.”

With Marvel Studios focusing on more animation, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a 2D animated series down the road to set it apart from What If…? and further expand the possibilities of animation. The art of great 2D animation has been lost in this sophisticated age of 3D animation so a return to form would be most welcome to see.


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