New Villain Faction Revealed for ‘MARVEL’S AVENGERS’

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It looks like we finally will move on from fighting robots and AIM, as Crystal Dynamics revealed the brand new faction coming to Marvel’s Avengers. The new Black Panther expansion will introduce the iconic villain Ulysses Kaue, who brings along his private mercenary army known as Klaue Company. Not just that, we also got a glimpse into two brand new types of enemies that’ll offer a brand new type of challenge to the game.

The War for Wakanda expansion will introduce the enemy type known as Bruiser. As you can see in the image below, they wield a large axe and hit relentlessly. They are part of Corrupted Vibranium-themed villains that can turn into an overcharged mode. In this form, they’ll take reduced damage and will react slower to taking damage. It’s a permanent mode until they are defeated, but can be dispelled with a new status known as Sonic.


A screenshot of a Klaue Company Bruiser, armored in red and metallic gear and wielding an oversized battle axe.


The fact your heroes can add sonic-based moves means that your enemies can as well. The Strategist has a Sonic Aura, which acts as a shield. It deflects any type of projectiles and can even block melee attacks. Unlike the Corrupted Vibranium, it only stays active temporarily but the Sonic Wave will damage your hero if you’re not careful. As you might’ve guessed, you also can gather Vibranium-based gear that overcomes this barrier. You’ll notice their presence through the disc-like drones that he sends out while hiding on the sidelines.


A Klaue Company Strategist with an active Sonic Aura


It’s great to see new additions to the gear that also changes your playing style directly in the game. So far, the gears have mainly added some minor support buffs or debuffs, but this will force you to think about the way you approach these new enemy types. They confirm that the expansion will include more enemy types, but they want to keep some surprises for next week’s drop. There seems to be a lot heading our way with this expansion and it’ll be exciting to see how it all comes together.

Source: Play Avengers

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