Taika Waititi Talks Putting the Love in ‘THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER’

thor love and thunder love story

Taika Waititi made quite the splash with the release of Thor: Ragnarok. The third entry in the franchise offered a unique take on the God of Thunder that stood out from many of its Marvel contemporaries. His announced return was an exciting day, as Thor will be the first MCU hero to get a fourth entry in his franchise and he’ll continue the vision he started with the previous entry that took inspiration from space operas like Flash Gordon.


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When the title dropped, the subtitle of Love and Thunder stood out for the director taking another unique direction for the franchise. The official return of Natalie Portman‘s Jane Foster added more fuel to the fire on how they might approach this unlikely romance. In an interview with Wired, Waititi shared the inspiration for taking the romantic direction for the sequel.

What I wanted to do from the beginning was to ask: ‘What are people expecting the least from this franchise?’ Oh, I know – a full-blown love story.

It certainly sounds like a Waititi approach to first make sure that he’ll do something we wouldn’t expect, and he was right. Foster will get her hands on Mjolnir, which was last seen in Ragnarok in pieces, and turn into the Mighty Thor. They’ve been good at keeping the plot under wraps. So, we don’t know how Thor will end up back on Earth and if he’ll be aware of Foster’s identity throughout the film. It would be ironic if he meets her as Mighty Thor and falls in love with her. Who knew that he and Loki had a lot more in common.

Source: Wired

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