‘Hawkeye’: First Look at Disney+ Series Released as Marvel Studios’ Confirms November Premiere

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Marvel’s mighty marketing machine is finally revving up its engines for Hawkeye. Entertainment Weekly has released the first official image of Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton in the upcoming Disney Plus series. The image doesn’t reveal much in the way of the plot for the Disney+ show, but it does give us a look at what appears to be some sort of Hawkeye hideout or training ground.

Clint Barton is wearing the same outfit that Murphy’s Multiverse exclusively captured in the series’ first leaked set video, which would indicate the room is located in New York City and belongs to Bishop herself. The tweet by Marvel Studios with the image also confirms a November release date on the 24th.

Marvel’s Hawkeye is set to draw heavily from Matt Fraction’s iconic 2012 run on the character. Not only will we see Barton form a mentorship with Bishop, but villains like Fra Fee’s Clown and the rumored Madame Masque will help bring the series to life as well. Other cast members confirmed to appear are Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Tony Dalton as the Swordsman, Vera Farmiga as Bishop’s mother, and Alaqua Cox as the deaf assassin Echo.

Also, soon-to-be-superstar Jolt will appear as the fan-favorite Lucky the Pizza Dog. The series will be helmed by Rhys Thomas and the directing duo of Bert & Bertie. The script comes from Jonathan Igla, filling the controversial “head writer” position Marvel has embraces as opposed to the traditional showrunner.

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