‘Knives Out’ Director Loves the Idea of Including the Muppets in a ‘Glass Onion’ Sequel

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After Benoit Blanc’s latest mystery led to him confronting a group of rich and influential people on a Greek island, many online had some fun trying to imagine what a sequel to Glass Onion would look like. Besides the countless fan castings due to the massive casting of the first sequel, there was one fun idea that seemed almost too perfect. Given Benoit Blanc’s usual habits, Social Media was ablaze with the hilarious idea of him eventually joining a mystery caper that sees him with nonother than the Muppets.

Yes, the internet started imagining what it would be like if Knives Out director Rian Johnson created a story that saw Blanc in the strangest mystery of his lifetime starring the loveable members of the Muppets. Luckily, it seems that Johnson is quite a fan of the idea after hearing about it in an interview that was shared by the official Glass Onion/Knives Out account on Twitter, where he revels in the idea.

Of course, there’s the challenge that the Knives Out sequels are all owned by Netflix, and The Muppets are part of Disney’s library. Of course, we could see them making a deal potentially that may lead to these films landing on Disney+ in exchange for them using the Muppets. It would be quite a lot of fun to see Kermit and Miss Piggy rocking some of the amazing fashion we see in these projects, while one of the Muppets ended up stabbed on the ground.

Source: Twitter

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