Latest ‘Indiana Jones 5′ Set Photos Confirm Toby Jones’ Involvement and a Familiar Threat

indiana jones 5 toby jones

It looks like some more Indiana Jones 5 set photos and videos have found their way online that offer an even closer glimpse at what we can expect from the upcoming film. Almost a week ago, we saw a stunt double wear a creepy mask of Harrison Ford that confirmed we’ll get a flashback sequence of some kind. It seems that isn’t the only moment we’ll get a de-aged Ford, as the new set photos from the Daily Mail reveal that the actor has some dots on his face that may hint at them taking out a few of his wrinkles.



Now, that isn’t the only thing we see on set, as we also get the confirmation of another addition to the cast, Toby Jones. It is our first confirmation of his involvement and he joins Thomas Kretschman, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Mads Mikkelsen.


The cast already looks very promising as Steven Spielberg hands over the director’s chair to Logan‘s James Mangold. Now, there is one more reveal that may offer some weight to a recent report that Mikkelsen is playing a former Nazi scientist, as the set also includes the infamous swastika on various vehicles.




It seems the recent report might have some credence to it and the fifth entry will explore Indiana Jones continued confrontation with them. It’ll be interesting to see how it all comes together and if this film might also open up the franchise for a new hero to take on Jones’ ongoing battle to preserve history. It does seem likely that this might be the final entry for Ford, who is nearing 80. Of course, he may always surprise us and get ready for a sixth film, but there’s a lot of interest in what Indiana Jones 5 might bring to the table.

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube

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