Latest ‘Ironheart’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Lyric Ross’ Natalie Washington

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We have gotten quite a few set photos from Ironheart throughout its production. that teases a different kind of series than what some might expect from a tech-based hero. While there are still quite a few details we don’t know about, the story direction seems to be mixing magic into Riri William’s everyday struggle as a heroine.

The latest set photos that have hit the web don’t show off much from the comics, but tease the friendship between Lyric Ross‘s Natalie Washington with Dominique Thorne‘s leading character. It seems that both are wearing jumpsuits of some kind, which could be hinting at both of them working on a project together potentially. It’s still unclear if this series will act as a direct follow-up to her appearance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

What makes these set photos so interesting is if we take a look at the character of Natalie Washington in the comics. She was Riri Williams’ best friend that tragically passes away early in her life. She would live on however as the AI in Riri’s Ironheart suit. Of course, there’s no word if the Disney+ series will follow the same direction as the comics, but there’s a possibility that they could explore a similar concept.

Her inclusion in the series opened many questions if we are seeing a flashback of some kind, or if the AI element isn’t something they will explore for Ironheart, as they would try to avoid too many similarities with Tony Stark. Of course, there’s always a chance that she is featured in flashbacks throughout the series and her loss could be what ties Riri to the Wakanda Forever theme of grief and loss.

Perhaps, it becomes the driving factor for her character in the series. It’s just a theory but that’s what can happen when set photos give us just enough of a glimpse to theorize what Marvel Studios may have planned for the character.

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