Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Confirms Red Room Takeover Returns Next Week

avengers red room takeover

Marvel’s Avengers once again got a brand new dev stream that offered some tiny insights into what the future holds. It was a rather short one as we are still in the middle of the Cosmic Cube event, but there was a nice major reveal. It looks like May’s Red Room Takeover event is making a grand return. It’ll run from July 8th up until the 22nd. We’ll also get a brand new nameplate and they confirmed the issues from last time were fixed. It is also a reason why it is making a return, as they wanted to offer those that missed out on it. Of course, that was not all, as we also got some updates on current bug fixes and what they are working on.

  • They confirmed that a minor patch is heading our way that’ll fix a variety of issues, which includes Captain America’s MCU shield, where his star was pointing the wrong direction, Monica shrinking and falling to her death in the Beating the Odds mission when using Hank Pym, and some other minor issues.
  • The bigger fix is regarding the Mega Hives and Last Avengers Standing, where enemies wouldn’t spawn on specific floors. This is still being looked into, but they found a fix that could help with various other issues. It does not require a patch and will be updated directly in the game.


Marvel's Avengers' Red Room Takeover Is Now Live | Marvel


  • Hulk’s combat abilities were indeed nerfed, but only because he was overpowered due to a bug. His Thunderclap ability added 50% to melee damage rather than 25%.
  • They confirmed that up to eight different takedowns can get equipped once War for Wakanda drops.
  • Crystal Dynamics is looking into adding Twitch drops and other community offerings soon. It just sadly takes time due to many people being involved to make it a reality, but it is something to look forward to.
  • We also got a look at some brand new animated skins that feature magma running down their clothes. Luckily, @PlayAvenger was able to grab a video showcasing this effect for Thor’s skin:



Overall, it was a quieter stream as they are heading into a three-day weekend. The return of the Red Room Takeover is great, as it ties into next week’s Black Widow release. Again we got the tease of an MCU-inspired outfit heading our way before Thor gets his. So, I believe there is a good chance it’s a tie-in suit for the film’s release. The event’s runtime might also hint at the OLT’s release being the latest around the 22nd of July alongside multiplayer Mega Hives and permanent multi-heroes matchmaking. Here’s hoping we get more information next week on what is heading our way.

Source: Twitch, Twitter

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