A New Report Has Revealed the Villain of ‘Wonder Man’

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Theory Thursdays are pretty special at Murphy’s Multiverse and it looks as though one of the most recent bits of speculation might turn out to have been spot on! According to a new report from insider Daniel RPK, the villain of the upcoming Disney Plus streaming series Wonder Man will be exactly who Hunter Radesi posited him to be just a few weeks ago.

Casting has begun for the series, which is expected to begin production in the Spring of 2023, and with that comes a description of the villain of the piece, who happens to be the agent of struggling actor Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man. As pointed out in the theory, the villain may well be based on a character first introduced in 1991’s Wonder Man comic book series, created by Gerard Jones and Jeff Johnson. That series introduced Simon’s agent, Neal Saroyan, who was ultimately revealed to be a supervillain in charge of a cadre of assassins known as The Nobility.

Rumors swirled recently that Bob Odenkirk was engaged in talks for the role of the agent, but no official word has come along on if he’d taken the role. Given Odenkirk’s body of work in Better Call Saul and Nobody, he would seem the perfect fit for an otherwise non-descript character who turns out to be a deadly assassin. Wonder Man is expected to stream on Disney Plus in 2024.

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