Missing ‘Thunderbolts’ Artwork May Add Weight to Recent Rumors

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Marvel Studios has been busy promoting the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel, but there are a variety of other projects in some form of development. One of the biggest questions surrounded Marvel Studios’ latest attempt at a new group of unlikely heroes joining together to fight a common cause in Thunderbolts.

It wasn’t until D23 that we got our first official look at the team right after the film was announced during San Diego Comic-Con not too long before. So, many were surprised to get a first look at the team but it wasn’t without any controversy, as some felt the team was too one-note given the number of super soldiers involved.

Now, just as rumors are making the rounds that one o its most unique additions might not be a part of the film, it seems that the original artwork is no longer available on Andy Park’s Instagram channel and even missing from the official Marvel Studios Instagram account. It was initially uploaded after the panel for everyone to get a high-quality look at what was revealed but its absence is quite noticeable.

Regarding the rumor, the Internet has been discussing whether one of its key members may no longer appear in the film. Ant-Man and the Wasp introduced one of its most unique villains in Ava Starr, better known as Ghost. She was played by the talented Hannah John-Kamen who had yet to return to the franchise. Now, the rumors are pointing to her potentially no longer being part of the film, which might be a reason they took down the artwork.

Of course, there’s no confirmation in regards to why it is no longer available on their official accounts. They tend to rewrite these projects quite frequently and who knows if they might’ve taken some of the feedback to heart and want to expand the team beyond the cast we’ve already seen. It would be a shame if the one character with a unique ability would end up not appearing, but we’ll have to see once more news drops. For now, the drop

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