Lars Mikkelsen Addresses Thrawn Rumors

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Over the course of two seasons of the animated Star Wars series Rebels, Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen was the voice of Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn. A brilliant strategist, Thrawn was an ongoing thorn in the side of the group of Rebels before disappearing along with Ezra Bridger in the series’ final episode. Both characters are set to make their live-action debuts in the upcoming streaming series Ahsoka and it was recently rumored that Lucasfilm had cast Mikkelsen in the role of Thrawn, much to the delight of fans who grew to love Mikkelsen’s signature cadence. As with the role of Ahsoka Tano, however, it looks like fans may have to get used to someone new.

In an interview with Express UK, Mikkelsen revealed he has not been contacted about joining the cast of Ahsoka, casting doubt on those recent rumors. Mikkelsen admitted that he was aware of the rumors and that he’d love to take on the role in live-action should he be offered before adding “I haven’t had the offer.”

Though it isn’t quite at the level of absurdity that surrounds every casting made by Marvel Studios, actors cast in Star Wars projects aren’t always truthful when addressing potential roles in films. At this point, it’s nearly impossible to take any actor’s words at face value when they deny involvement with a project, so until another actor’s name becomes attached to the role, fans are likely to hold out hope that Mikkelsen will be painted blue and return to thwart the plans of Ezra and his Rebel friends.

Source: Express

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