More ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ TV Spots Offers New Footage of Spidey vs. Doc Ock

It looks like the Spider-Man: No Way Home marketing is in full force by Sony, as not only was a TV spot found online featuring a closer look at Lizard, we also got two more that offer a closer look at the fight between Spidey and Alfred Molina‘s return as Doc Ock. The first features are quite a bit more of the bridge fight that we saw, as Doc Ock faces off against Spider-Man not realizing it isn’t the one he knows, which is perfectly highlighted by PeteR’s confusion asking who he is. So, it confirms that Peter has no idea that his actions unleashed villains from other universes.

There’s a fun nod with Doc Ock feeling a bit jealous about Spidey also having additional legs of his own. It’s so interesting seeing him come out of the car with them and it’ll be interesting how they might get used in the battle sequence. It gives him a way to counter his multi-limbed enemy but the trailer does tease that his new nemesis will have the advantage at one point in the fight, as we see his Iron Spider suit damaged at one point.

We’ve seen Green Goblin on the same bridge, which makes you wonder if he perhaps is the one that tips the scale in advantage for Molina‘s returning character. We’re only a few weeks away from it finally releasing, so here’s hoping that they’ll keep the rest of the film under lock and key. Who knows what other surprises are still heading our way once the film finally releases.

Source: Twitter

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