RUMOR: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ May End Sooner Than Expected

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Marvel’s Avengers has been an interesting project to follow throughout the years. It was an ambitious game when it was first announced, as you’ll get the chance to play a never-ending game that slowly adds more and more heroes to its roster. Games-as-a-Service have always been controversial but the promise was there yet a botched release left a bitter taste in players.

There was still some merit to what the game had to offer with some great combat and some fun story additions. Yet ever since the Black Panther-focused content patch, we’ve not seen any single-player offerings from the game since. We did finally get Cloning Labs recently, but Marvel’s Avengers certainly lost the momentum that it promised during its initial release.

Now that Winter Soldier made his way tot he game, rumors continued to make the rounds that the game will eventually shut production in 2023 but still with one more big batch of content set to release. A new article published by Miller Ross, who made a name online for leaking various details from the game, has shared that the game may be ending sooner rather than later.

In a new piece for eXputer, the leaker has shared details of what he’s heard that is happening behind the scenes over at Crystal Dynamics. It’s no secret that they’ve started work on their next Tomb Raider game under the new ownership and with Amazon Games set to release it. If this piece is to be believed, most of the skeleton crew that was still involved with the project will soon be fully moved to the studio’s new title.

Brian Waggoner took over as Lead Developer some time ago, but due to controversy was no longer going to represent the studio or the project. He goes on to highlight that Waggoner has now completely departed the project and that has shifted some initial plans. It seems they wanted to keep the game running still going into the second half of the year but they are seemingly fast-tracking the game’s end.

We still have to take it with a grain of salt, but Miller claims the game’s official cancelation would follow next week. While it didn’t live to its fullest potential, Marvel’s Avengers still managed to go for over two years after initially hitting shelves back in September 2020. The game isn’t going to shut down from one day to the next, as they may have one final release set and rework some elements allowing for those still playing the game to continue to do so.

Marvel Games is about to enter a new era of offerings with releases such as Midnight Suns and the return of Spider-Man 2. We have a variety of new projects heading our way, such as the new Iron Man game from EA, which is supposedly not the only one as two other games are rumored. We also have a second Insomniac franchise in development based around Wolverine, but it does seem unlikely that Marvel is going to test the waters with a GaaS game anytime soon after the experience with Marvel’s Avengers; if it gets officially canceled soon or still continues moving forward.

Source: eXputer

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