Marvel and EA Teaming-Up on 2 More Games in Addition to ‘Iron Man’

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Just last month, we learned that EA developer Motive is busy working on an Iron Man-focused game. Olivier Proulx returns to the world of Marvel after having worked on the game adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy when there still was a deal with Square-Enix to actively develop games. That deal included multiple titles which so far only ended up with the previously mentioned game and the controversial Marvel’s Avengers. They are seemingly hoping to accomplish the same with Electronic Arts, as they have announced they are working on a multi-title collaboration

Taking to Twitter, Marvel Games has announced a bigger deal with EA which currently means they are working on three games actively for consoles and PC. Iron Man counts as part of that trio of new Marvel titles. There’s no word what the other projects might end up being, but there have also been rumors of a potential Black Panther open-world game that could potentially be part of this deal.

It’s definitely interesting seeing just how many projects Marvel has been actively working on when it comes to gaming titles Insomniac is still busy working on the sequel to Spider-Man after wrapping up with a midquel focused on Miles Morales. They also surprised many when we got a teaser for a Wolverine-focused game that seems to promise a lot of snikt action. Skydance also has a game that sees Captain America team up with Wakanda’s ruler during World War 2. Marvel Snap has also just recently released online, there seems to be a lot more Marvel heading our way.

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