Latest ‘Eternals’ Merchandise Hints at a Thanos Connection

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Even after the first trailer was released for Marvel Studios’ Eternals, we still know very little about the film’s plot. There have been rumors giving us a small hint at how it comes together. We see the alien race of humanoids help in humanity’s evolution as they claim to have never intervened in the events of people. There was only a brief glimpse at the main antagonists, the Deviants, but nothing concrete of where they came from, or their creation at the hands of the Celestials. In Avengers: Infinity War, we got a brief glimpse at their comic homeworld, Titan, yet there was no hint if they have some connection to the Mad Titan. Luckily, Twitter user @Eternalsupdate noticed a new listing on Amazon that revealed their homeworld.

Living on Saturn’s moon, Titan, the Eternals protect Earth from the Deviants–and all other forms of cosmic evil.

It is the first time that their origin is tied to Titan in some capacity. Of course, it is merchandise so it could change or not be addressed in the film directly. Yet, the same Twitter user also noticed in the MCU-canon Marvel’s Avengers Station exhibit that there is a mention he was the last of his species.

Now, the latest trailer confirmed the timing of the film, or at least part of it, will take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Perhaps it was the Mad Titan that banished them to Earth and stripped them from their memory, which is why they weren’t involved in the mess. It also opens up the possibility of Thanos potentially appearing in the film in some capacity. In the comics, he has part of the Deviant gene and is the reason for his purple appearance, which could get explored in some capacity as we uncover what exactly these mysterious villains truly are. No matter what direction they are heading with Eternals, it’s exciting to see how it may influence the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s also great that more evidence is hinting at their connection to Thanos and Titan, which seemed oddly sidelined so far.

Source: Amazon, Twitter

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