Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offered Further Details on Roadmap and Future Changes

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In the latest Marvel’s Avengers developer stream, we are heading into a new direction for the game. Crystal Dynamics has revealed that they are going to change their approach moving forward. We will see more information on future updates in these streams, which is a great revelation. They want to offer more insight moving forward and determine the game’s future development. So, without further ado, let’s get into the long list of updates heading our way.



  • In the future, patches will be explained better and in more detail. Context is necessary, as CD learned with the XP update.
  • They are aware of the issues, such as the Villain Sector bug, platinum trophy, and more.
  • You will no longer be able to one-shot bosses in the future. They are looking into adding new challenges moving forward.
  • Spider-Man is still in development.

Omega-Level Threats

  • They understand it is way past due to getting released. The core issue did not connect to the actual content. As such, CD worked on multiple OTLs simultaneously.
  • You can expect quite a few of them to release in a shorter time frame once the first is finally released.
  • Their goal is that you are facing a villain and challenge that is “bigger than life.” The longer they work on it, the better they are nailing it.
  • Matchmaking will see incremental changes with each new patch update.
  • They confirm that a lot more in development, which didn’t get included in the roadmap for now.


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Marvel’s Avengers 2.0

  • We got quite a few more details on the content’s future showcase that will rehaul ger and the progression system. In general, Gear 2.0 will affect many different elements.
  • The core of their goal is to offer more “meaningful customization” on different levels. It will affect your gameplay and how you build your characters.
  • Once you find the gear you like, you will be able to hold on to it much longer. CD wants to integrate a way to add new options or even adapt existing ones.
  • It will all connect to the 50-Level Cap. Their goal is to allow the customization options to come to fruition once you go beyond the limitation.
  • They also confirmed that collecting comics will have an impact on this new system. So, be sure to continue collecting them moving forward.


Tachyon Anamoly

  • It’s a two-week event that consists of multiple parts.
  • The main addition is that you can play multiple heroes, such as four Hulks at the same time.
  • Player feedback is essential. So, if players enjoy it, they will continue to bring it back as a recurring event or even make it a permanent addition.
  • It includes new Daily and Weekly Missions. You will be able to win Animated Nameplates throughout the event.
  • We will also get a brand new Tachyon Mission. It’ll become a more frequent event.


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Red Room Takeover

  • It is in celebration of Black Widow’s film. You can unlock some more Animated Nameplates with new Red Room-inspired missions.
  • CD teased a lot of lore as we explore Natasha’s history with Yelena Belova. She hid chips in various enemies, which you need to uncover.
  • The Red Room-inspired HARM challenges are an additional part. These will be the escape challenges and will even affect the Main Screen. So, expect some new visual flourishes.
  • They once again confirmed we’ll get the first Marvel Cinematic Universe with this event. They also confirmed that the word “inspired” shouldn’t be taken too literally. They are adapting the iconic outfits.
  • If Black Widow gets postponed, it will not directly affect their release plans.


Cosmic Cube

  • It takes place directly after Future Imperfect. It builds on the storyline that got introduced at the end of that mission.
  • You will be fighting her clone army. Her design is also how they want to approach Villain Sectors moving forward. They want there to be a big focus on making them bigger and crazier. The tease for future content seems promising.


Wasteland Patrol

  • It will introduce the new Patrol Mode mission, which is a massive area you can roam freely. There is no mission or specific goal. So, you can have as much fun as you want with it.
  • CD has teased that there will be some curious secrets to uncover in this new mission style.
  • Once again, if this is popular, they will expand upon it and add it to other regions moving forward.


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Black Panther Expansion

  • It will be their largest content drop since the launch.
  • Klaw will be closer to his comic form. So, don’t expect him to be like Andy Serkis‘ interpretation. He is one of the multiple villains that’ll get included in the update.
  • There will be new enemy types that are part of Klaw’s faction.
  • Voice actors will get announced in the future once we are near the release.
  • The new Biome is called the Wakandan Jungle, but you can expect a lot more diversity with it. They teased some cool interiors.
  • They also aim to continue to raise the stakes of the challenges. It will release the most challenging content they have ever developed.

It certainly sounds like it’ll be a big year moving forward. Even if Black Panther is still some time down the line, it seems that we won’t be waiting without anything new moving forward.

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