Shane Paul McGhie, Maddie Phillips, and Aimee Carrero Join ‘The Boys’ Spinoff

the boys spin-off

The Boy’s is one of the most popular shows right now. Even when a season isn’t currently running, it’s still a hot topic online. The series has spawned an immense following and has garnered a two-season run with another on the way. Also, its wild success has warranted a spinoff, a show that’ll follow young heroes as they attend a Vought-owned university that trains the best brightest of upcoming superheroes. The series got fast-tracked by Amazon. It already cast Jaz Sinclair and Lizzie Broadway in leading roles.

The series is moving forward quite quickly as it has recently added three more to its ever-expanding cast. The recent casting additions include Shane Paul Mcghie, Maddie Phillips, and Aimee Carrero. The series doesn’t include which characters the three will take on, but previous castings did disclose who the previous two actresses would be playing. Mcghie could be playing Andre. Phillips could very well be Britney, but Carrero doesn’t seem to fit any of the roles previously rumored for the series.

The Boy’s spinoff currently has not set a release date. We are also still waiting for an official title, which may confirm if the series is an adaptation of the G-Men, who is an X-Men spoof in the original comic run. they were a group of the upcoming third season of The Boy’s is currently in production and will see the return of everyone’s favorite superhero-hating renegades, as well as the supes, make the whole thing possible.

Source: Deadline

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