‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 Theme Revealed

The upcoming season of American Horror Story was probably their toughest yet as it was met with continuous delays during the pandemic. One of the toughest things AHS faced was losing its set date to begin filming as it was crucial to the upcoming theme of the season. What made this start date so crucial was how “weather dependent” this season was. This was confirmed by series creator Ryan Murphy who mentioned that he considered shelving the idea for a later season.

After waiting for months, the upcoming theme for this season was finally revealed to be “Double Feature.” For those who may not know or are still new to the series, each season takes on a different theme but still uses some of the different actors. While previous themes such as “Freak Show”, “Roanoke” and “Coven” were clear indicators of what to expect, this theme doesn’t clearly define anything. The only clue given is that it’s “One by the seas…One by the land”, possibly a dual themed season with two smaller story arcs.

Since this hit the web, Ryan Murphy has gone on to clarify that season 10 will indeed be made up of two storylines, both with a different cast. The second cast for the upcoming season has yet to be announced but Murphy says an announcement should be soon regarding that. He mentions that it will be “Two Seasons in one calendar year” but it’s unclear what the episode run of each storyline will be.

American Horror Story: Double Feature currently has no set release date. This season’s cast features some highly anticipated returns such as Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Billie Lourde, Finn Wittrock, Adina Porter, Angelica Ross, and newcomer Macauly Culkin.

SOURCE: Twitter, The Wrap

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