Josh Stamberg Teases a Future for ‘WandaVision’s Tyler Hayward

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier has just released its premiere episode and we are still finding out new things about its predecessor, WandaVision. The show kicked off Marvel Studios’ new direction into long-form storytelling and introduced the world to new and familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The newest member of the ever-expanding franchise was Josh Stamberg‘s Tyler Hayward. He wasn’t the most liked character throughout the nine-episode run, especially when he started getting weirdly obsessed with killing Wanda. It seems that was part of the plan, as revealed by an actor in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

What can we do to keep him from just being mustache twirly? And I liked that, at least for an episode and a half, there got to be some quote-unquote charm or some likability before it sort of descends into this guy who’s so hungry to run the universe.

It’s kind of interesting how he phrases that sentence, but the actor goes on to reveal he would be “a little surprised” if he doesn’t end up returning in a later entry. His story did feel rather open-ended, as we never found out his full motivation. He just seemed to have an obsession with superheroes. In a way, his intentions were good, as Wanda did go too far by controlling an entire town against their will. He got arrested at the end of the season and it feels like they might still have some plans with the character. Hopefully, a future show or even season could offer some much-needed character development that offers an insight into why he was so obsessed at the time. It would be interesting if the “run the universe” line is even a hint at him possibly having a connection to the upcoming Secret Invasions show.

Source: Entertainment Tonight via The Direct

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