Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Reveals a Brand New Superior Iron Man Skin

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We got another developer stream with Crystal Dynamics discussing some developments for Marvel’s Avengers. It was a shorter one again, but we still got some minor updates and one reveal. They revealed that a smaller update (1.4.1a) will be released probably next week. It will aim to fix various minor bugs. They also fixed the PS Plus Hawkeye issue for those that haven’t downloaded it yet. CD is actively looking at a way to correct it for those that got the wrong skin.

Now, let’s get to the big guns. They revealed that we will get a roadmap update next week with potentially exact release dates for Tachyon Anomaly and the Black Widow-inspired Red Room Takeover. We also got a minor update for Omega-Level Threats, and it seems they were able to allocate some resources to fix the issues. They confirmed that one of the issues they faced was that also due to a part of their team being busy with other content. So, once the last bugs get squashed, they’ll test it one last time before rolling it out. CD also revealed a comic-accurate costume for next week’s marketplace inspired by 2014’s Superior Iron Man run. They didn’t only tease it but even “leaked” our first look at the design:



We even got a short showcase video of the new skin in action. We have to keep in mind that it was shown on an older model of the game. So, it will change a bit once it officially releases:


It was a great stream, as they openly discussed patch fixes as they promised last week. The skin showcase was a great touch, which I hope we’ll see more of in the future. CD also hinted that they are still actively looking into their Reddit thread for the upcoming Wasteland Patrol Zone. If you are interested in getting your ideas to the developers, you can check out the Reddit thread by clicking here. Here’s hoping we get more details next week to prepare for the first Marvel’s Avengers event.

Source: Twitch, Twitter

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