‘Godzilla vs. Kong’: Toho Refuses That Godzilla Shows Emotions

godzilla vs kong

Godzilla vs. Kong has just been released in theaters and on HBO Max. The film showed the two cinema icons face off in a battle of the Titans. Yet, some fans might have noticed that Kong got a bit more attention throughout the story. He has an entire arc and shows quite a bit of emotion, while his counterpart seems to be consistently pissed about having to fight the giant monkey. It looks like there is a reason why Godzilla only gets very brief moments to emote. According to the film’s director Adam Wingard, Toho has set strict rules about how Legendary can use their trademarked character.

One of [the rules], for instance, is (that) they don’t want Godzilla to emote. They see him as like this god-like force of nature, and so to them, it’s out of character if you have him reacting in a normal way to things. But, there’s always ways around it. We definitely have some moments where I think Godzilla is more emotive in this film than he has been in any of the MonsterVerse movies. We just had to get clever with it. And I think that sometimes that stuff is kind of presented to you in a very kind of brick-wall kind of way. But if you just do certain things, and present it to them just right, and if they’re on board with the movie, they seem to give us plenty of leeway.

It’s certailny curious that they want to avoid the giant to show any emotions. Yet, it makes sense if you consider that Godzilla is a force of nature, whose origins are rooted in Japanese history. So, they would want to avoid the giant lizard being overly emotive. Wingard does tease that they snuck in some moments, which offer a slight glance into the King of the Monsters’ mind. Here’s hoping we get more

Source: ReelBlend via Dread Central

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