Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Reveals an Incoming Mega Hive Revamp

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Marvel’s Avengers‘ Red Room Takeover is nearing its end, and we’re already throwing our guesses to what the future holds for the Marvel game. There have been continuous worries about the lack of endgame content that, sadly, is still uncertain when it will officially release. Still, the latest stream with Crystal Dynamics offered some minor updates on what is to come and even teased a complete revamp of the Mega Hives moving forward.

  • They are aware of the current Red Room issue that enemies don’t spawn. The event will end accordingly on May 31st, and they can’t fix it in time. CD hasn’t disclosed any current plans to address this, but they ensure that this won’t occur again once the event returns.
  • We will receive a small patch titled 1.7.1 that will correct the issue of players over Power Level 130 still receiving gear with stats lower than 130.
  • They are still testing out Omega-Level Threats, but the first to release is mainly getting fine-tuned to ensure a challenging experience. It will not be made available with next week’s patch, but still possible in the next major one.
  • They will be taking a closer look at the Champion Level issue, which has been a hotly discussed topic within the community.


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  • There won’t be an MCU skin next week. Avengers: Endgame‘s Hulk and Iron Man skins got pushed early, as they wanted to keep their promise to make them available as soon as they can. They were signed off earlier than expected.
  • We can expect a rework of the Mega Hive in the next week or two. It will include more things to do and offer an overall better experience according to the community team. They also teased that Multiplayer Mega Hives are further down the line and may even be on the same stage as the first OLT. Multiple projects are running simultaneously.
  • They are still actively working on the cosmetic vendor rework. Their goal is to offer more control over what you can purchase.
  • Once we are closer to the release of War for Wakanda, we will get weekly updates during their streams.

The rework of the Mega Hive is an exciting prospect, as it is the main access to Exotic gear. It would be great to see it get released alongside the first OLT, which we’ve been waiting anxiously to provide some more diversity to the content. They couldn’t test anything for June’s Cosmic Cube or Patrol Mode, but they are underway. Hopefully, we will find out what is heading our way once E3 starts. 

Source: Twitch

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