New Set Photos for ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Teases a Time Jump

the boys season 3 set photos

The Boys has built a world where superheroes have dominated the media. They pretty much appear on anything and everything Vought can license to pump out to the masses. It is all to strengthen their empire even further. The upcoming third season is sure to kick things into the next gear following the second season’s revelations surrounding Stormfront. As such, keeping up the public image will become their top priority. While the next season is still in production, new set photos tease what’s to come and how the Seven has changed since we saw them, especially now that Starlight’s name got cleared and they welcomed her back onto the team. We’ve been wondering what the next season holds and we finally got some set photos teasing some time has passed since the last season.



The first batch of set photos features a closer look at what looks to be downtown Toronto plastered with advertisements sponsored by Vought. One curious detail features Starlight on a poster for what looks to be an upcoming game show where they possibly try out to become another one of Vought’s contracted heroes. Starlight also happens to be wearing her original outfit, opposed to the one they made her wear when she initially joined the Seven.

The previous season featured what many thought would be a redemption arc for Ex-Seven member, The Deep, and by the end of the season, would learn that wasn’t the case. He’d spent all season doing what he could alongside the church of the collective to get his spot on the team back to no success. It seems that he’s moved on and written a memoir about his time on the team. 


The Boys: Dreharbeiten zur 3. Staffel starten


The final advertisement seen in the set pics is for the upcoming 2024 election, one for Ted Cruz whose shares an ongoing Twitter feud with series producer Seth Rogen. While it seems like a joke at surface level, it confirms that there will be a time jump with the upcoming third season. The previous season ended in 2020, as revealed during Translucent’s funeral. A time jump could show us how the team has been operating through their new US Government contract and how they’ve adjusted to this new lifestyle.

Source: Twitter

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