‘One Piece’ Star Reveals Why Netflix’s Adaptation Replaced Luffy’s Sandals

one piece live action

After a long wait, the first look at the live-action adaptation of One Piece has finally arrived. We not only got a poster teasing Monkey D. Luffy but also a special image offering a good look at the cast members that’ll become permanent parts of the Straw Hat pirates. Yet, there has been some controversy surrounding the first look.

It’s not too surprising as anime live-action adaptations haven’t had the best track record. There are promising signs that this series might break that curse given Eiichiro Oda‘s heavy involvement and the showrunner’s active involvement in the community. Still, there will always be changes when bringing something to live action and one big change that stood out was that Luffy no longer wears his sandals but rather shoes.

Luckily, Nami actress Emily Rudd took to her personal Instagram account to reveal why they made the change, as first shared by @OP_Netflix_Fan on Twitter. And the decisions on why they moved away from his usual footwear is a bit expected given the challenges of kicking people with open shoes.

Sandals unfortunately are not the safest footwear to do stunt work in, and we didn’t want y’all to miss out on the amazing work [Inaki Godoy] can do and did.

Emily Rudd

It makes sense that they’d want to keep their stunt work as safe as possible, and while many want to point out that Luffy not carrying shoes fits his character but the shoes being used do the same thing. It doesn’t really matter if he slips into sandals or shoes he doesn’t have to tie, as he remains as carefree as ever. Plus, it’s impressive to think the cast was able to bring their own stunts to life and just adds that personal note to bringing these characters to live-action.

Source: Twitter

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