Live-Action ‘One Piece’ Showrunner Believes the Netflix Series can Become “an Entry Point” for New Fans

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There’s always a heated discussion online about the relevance of remaking something in live-action. Some believe that these projects should remain in their original format, but there’s also an opportunity for these adaptations to draw in a completely new audience. That is something that showrunner Matt Owens seemingly believes with his adaptation of One Piece for Netflix and Tomorrow Studios.

While being asked about the upcoming live-action adaptation, Owens got an opportunity to highlight what he and his co-showrunner Steve Maeda hope to accomplish with this show, and that is to establish this “as an entry point.” A series like One Piece consists of 1,000+ chapters and just as many anime episodes. So, it’s not an easy show to just jump into, but that is something Netflix’s One Piece can offer.

We want to be able to use this as an entry point. We’ve all had experiences trying to get people into this who aren’t that are like: “How many chapters is it? How many episodes is the anime?” So, to be able to offer this as a new and different entry point. See, now you can jump in. Now, you can see what we were talking about.

Matt Owens

It’s an ambitious goal and also reflects how much care is going into this project from everyone involved. They highlight that the cast, crew, and anyone working on the project loves or fell in love with the series, ensuring they want to bring it fully to life. There’s always a challenge with adapting an animated project into live-action, but the team gives a lot of hope.

There’s also the fact that some people simply don’t care for animation. Hollywood still struggles to highlight that animation is an art form and not just something for children. Guillermo del Toro highlighted this fact once again during his speech after winning for Pinocchio. Yet, some might not be interested to jump into an animated project or read a manga. So, the live-action project may give them that entry window to give it a chance after all.

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