BREAKING: Atlus West Accidentally Leaks ‘Persona 3 Reload’ Trailer Early, Early 2024 Release

persona 3 remake leak

Well, it seems like Persona 3 Reload is real, as the trailer for the remake of the iconic game has seemingly leaked early. As shared by Twitter user @Spoopy06, the full trailer has seemingly found its way online and was initially shared by Atlus West’s Instagram account. The trailer showcases many familiar sequences but also has a variety of style updates that definitely is more in line with what we see with Persona 5.

Not just that, it starts with the Xbox logo and ends with “Play it Day 1 With Gamepass” further hinting that this trailer was part of the upcoming Xbox Showcase. So, either they accidentally leaked it with the wrong event or the timing was off. Either way, the trailer confirms that it’s an adaptation of the base game, as there’s no sign of the female route being present in this version of the game. @ScrambledFaz has shared a better look at the adaptation.

There’s no sign of it including a release on all consoles or PlayStation, but it does seem unlikely that this classic will only be available on one console. So, here’s hoping that the game will also be confirmed for other releases, as we saw a similar strategy with the remaster reveals earlier this year. It was commonly the website that revealed the multi-title release. The only big surprise is that this game is seemingly releasing in early 2024 rather than the rumored later this year. Perhaps that Persona 5 spinoff game, which was also hinted at potentially being revealed soon. Could we have a double-reveal planned for Xbox Showcase?

Source: Twitter

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