BREAKING: First Look at New ‘Persona 5’ Spinoff Has Also Dropped Early by Atlus West

persona 5 spinoff

Well, it seems that Atlus accidentally revealed their two big reveals early. Not only did they seemingly accidentally reveal their Persona 3 Reload trailer on Instagram, but it seems they followed it up with the other planned Xbox reveal, Persona 5 Tactica. As shared by Twitter user @junoharuto, the game seemingly will re-use the Persona Q series’ design and adds a curious take on the strategy elements we’ve seen in other franchises.

The designs are definitely a curious take on chibi designs, and it might not include any social elements but it’s definitely an exciting addition to the franchise. The film is also taking the late 2023 release with a definite 17th November release date. Once again, it was part of the Xbox Showcase with no exact wording of other consoles that will also get their hands on the release but do remain likely given past statements.


Source: Twitter

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