Marvel Comics Reveals That a New Ultimate Universe Will Spin Out of ‘Ultimate Invasion’

In October 2000, Marvel Comics modernized its classic heroes through its line of Ultimate comics. Those comics significantly influenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and may continue to do so when the X-Men make their way into the MCU) and were a major part of Jonathan Hickman‘s 2015 event, Secret Wars. Now, as Hickman and Bryan Hitch‘s 4-issue Ultimate Invasion prepares to launch, Marvel has revealed that the series will lead into a relaunch a new line of Ultimate Comics.

After the Maker’s desperate attempt to restore the Ultimate Universe unleashes massive, unintended consequences, a group of Marvel’s heroes are caught in a war between timelines. As universes collide, the foundation of a new line of ULTIMATE COMICS will be built.

To no one’s surprise, the Ultimate version of Reed Richards, known as The Maker, will be front and center in Ultimate Invasion and it seems his actions will be key in the creation of the new line of Ultimate Comics. That line will kick off in November with a one-shot, Ultimate Universe #1, written by Hickman and illustrated by Stefano Caselli. Much like the 2000 launch, the Ultimate Universe will modernize Marvel’s major players.

“The breathtaking epic will introduce readers to this new line that will be home to an array of brand-new hard-hitting series. A fresh start for a new generation, prepare to see your favorite characters redefined for today’s world. Stay tuned in the coming months for more information about this exciting new universe crafted by some of today’s greatest comic book visionaries.”

It’s kind of shocking how much the world has changed in that period of time [since the 2000 launch of the original Ultimate Universe],” said Hickman. “The idea of what it would be like to see the genesis of Super Heroes in a brand new world is a really fascinating exercise.” According to Hitch, familiarity with the old version of the Ultimate Universe isn’t necessary to enjoy this “brand new world”. “You don’t ever have to have read any of the Ultimate Universe to enjoy this,” Hitch explained. “There’s some great comics in there, but this doesn’t need you to be familiar with that stuff. You just need to get in on page one and enjoy this because the story takes you where you need to go.”

The first of the four-issue Ultimate Invasion hits retailers on June 21st and Ultimate Universe #1 will be on shelves in November.


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