Vin Diesel Reveals When Fans Can Expect ‘Fast X: Part 2’

fast x

Though it hasn’t set the world on fire critically or financially, Fast X will have not one but two sequels released theatrically to wrap up the central series of the Fast franchise. Prior to the mid-May release of Fast X, it was believed that the series would wrap with whatever nonsensical title the studio could come up with for the eleventh entry; however, the big rawry engine behind the series, one Vincent Diesel, revealed a 12th film would be needed to complete the story of THE family. Now, as Fast X hits the downslope of its theatrical run,Vin has decided to reveal the release date of the next “effort” in the franchise.

Via his Instagram, Diesel let it slip that Fast 11 will hit theaters on April 4th, 2025. According to the Pacifier’s math, that date is “less than 22 months away.” The Knockaround Guy promised fans that much like the entirety of the franchise, the eleventh entry will be an event “like you have never seen.” Given the mediocre box office of Fast X, it’s possible that the eleventh film could just be a rerelease of that film which most of the world has “never seen.”

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