Latest ‘The Flash’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Ben Affleck’s Batman

the flash set photo

The Flash has had quite a few set photos leak online, and it seems that isn’t stopping anytime soon. We got our first look at Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl through a set photo and even a test of Michael Keaton. Well, the latest offers our first look at Ben Affleck returning as the iconic Gotham Knight.

His return got announced eleven months ago, and the latest photos from the film’s set offer a look at his new suit and bat-themed motorcycle. It’s the first time we see one of the teased Caped Crusaders in his iconic cowl. The images got shared by Twitter user @FlashFilmNews.



The modern design of the suit and similarities to previous appearances gives away that it is Affleck‘s version of the character. As we don’t see him directly on set, it could potentially end up being another Batman we haven’t heard about yet. We also get a video of him on the new motorcycle driving through the streets. It got a shared tweet by Twitter user @BingeWatchThis_.



We still don’t quite know how Affleck‘s version of the character will fit into the film’s story. It would be exciting to see him and Michael Keaton interact. The shooting location seems to be the same, which could imply they’ll eventually meet. Barry’s journey through the multiverse might give us an entire Batman army to face whatever evil he unleashed by his actions. We’ll see if we get a picture of Affleck without his mask on set as more set photos find their way online.

Source: Twitter (Photos), Twitter (Action)

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