Leaked’Madame Web’ Set Photos Include Spoilery Action

Almost unbelievably, Sony continues making movies with their roster of Spider-Man adjacent characters, including Madame Web, which is now in production. Set photos and rumors of a confirmed cast list have been making the rounds for a while now, but a new leak seems to contain some pretty hefty spoilers.

A new group of set photos reportedly shows the stunt double for actor Tahar Rahim squaring off against Dakota Johnson and Celeste O’Connor’s character. The photos pretty clearly show Rahim’s stunt double wearing what can only be described as an alternate Spider-Man suit.

The suit seems to lend credence to the rumor that Rahim is playing Ezekiel Sims, a character who, in the comics, had similar powers to Spider-Man, wore a Spidey suit (though it didn’t look like that one) and found himself sometimes at odds with other Spider-folk. Whether Rahim is Sims or not, I’m sure it’ll all much a whole lot of sense when Madame Web hits theaters next October.

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