Letita Wright Teases ‘Black Panther 3’ Being “In the Works”

black panther 3

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has released last year in theaters and wrapped up Marvel Studios’ 2022 in style. Disney generally ended the year strong with its latest Marvel Cinematic Universe release and the return of Avatar. During the Golden Globes Pre-Show, Variety got a chance to ask Letitia Wright if she might have a hint at what’s in the future. In it, she may have revealed that Black Panther 3 may already be planned.

I think it’s already in the works. You know we just had a terrific two years of bringing it out and just everyone coming together to support it. We just need a little bit of a break. We need to regroup and Ryan needs to get back into the lab. It’s gonna take a while, but really excited for you guys to see that.

Letitia Wright

It definitely sounds like a Black Panther threequel is in the cards, especially after the film had an impressive gross at the box office last year even with some massive challenges; most notably losing its primary headliner Chadwick Boseman. Letitia Wright took over as its titular hero and opens up new avenues for the franchise to grow.

There are also Wakandan-focused spinoff series in development that may flesh out the aftermath of the events in Wakanda Forever while they try not to rush out a new entry in Ryan Cooglers‘ franchise. He’s also involved with the upcoming Ironheart series, which means he may have enough work to keep him busy before he sits down to write a third Black Panther film.

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