‘Loki’ is Disney+’s Second Biggest Premiere of 2023

loki season 2 views

It looks like the god of mischief remains a major player for Disney+ even if The Mandalorian still holds the crown. The streaming service is highlighting that the second season of Loki pulled in 10.9m views worldwide in its first three days. As such, it managed to have around 512M minutes watched. While Ahsoka was touted with 14M views recently, those numbers were a five-day tally which means that Loki is only behind The Mandalorian in 2023’s big number game.

The first season still remains one of the most-watched series on the streaming service and the anticipation for a sequel season was quite high even if marketing was a bit more subdued. Though that is likely still more reflective of Marvel not trying to rock the boat too much given people’s ongoing discussions of fatigue surrounding the genre and franchise, but that didn’t seem to stop Loki one bit going into its sophomore season.

At the end of the day though, it’s always difficult to say if these shows are breaking any records. The reactions to Loki have been more positive when compared to The Mandalorian’s third season. So, who knows if the coming weeks might help the show grow? There’s definitely potential and we still don’t know how big Secret Invasion was earlier this year outside of third-party analysis pointing to it being a smaller release when compared to others. So, we’ll see if Disney is willing to share any more data moving forward.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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