‘Loki’ Scenes Featuring Mobius and Ravonna Got Cut Due to Pandemic

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The first three Disney+ series by Marvel Studios didn’t have an easy start. Falcon and the Winter Soldier was to kick-start the franchise’s new venture. Yet, that role ended up going to WandaVision. As the pandemic continued to rage across the world, their productions got delayed, and I was uncertain how they might be affected by it. Later, we’ve learned that both series went through some harsh limitations and had to cut quite a few scenes. WandaVision director Matt Shakman offered a detailed look behind the scenes with an entire sequence getting cut due to time restraints.

We’ve all wondered if Loki was affected similarly, but there was no official word. Luckily, one of the writers and producers of the show, Eric Martin, took to Twitter to offer a glimpse behind the scenes. In it, he confirmed that Mobius and Renslayer were going to share the screen more often but got cut due to COVID.


It’s not surprising that the series had to cut some elements, especially as Gugu Mbatha-Raw‘s Ravonna felt underdeveloped, especially how she just exits the show at the end. Still, it’s a shame we didn’t get more from their dynamic. Luckily, we know that a second season is heading our way, and she’ll very likely make a grand return. It’ll be curious to see how she reacts once she realizes that Mobius and everyone she worked with lost their memory. We are still waiting for details on the second season which will give us some answers on where the franchise is heading and where within the MCU it takes place.

Source: Twitter

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