Kevin Feige Offers Insight Into How Marvel Studios Expands the MCU

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The final episode of Loki has redefined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All the eons that the Time Variance Authority spent keeping the Sacred Timeline in order was for nothing. One single action has unleashed the multiverse, and Marvel Studios has a brand new challenge ahead of them. Avengers: Endgame gave us the base rules for how time travel works. It seems like they had everything mapped out in advance, but Kevin Feige offered some insight into how they tackle these projects.

Mary Livanos oversaw WandaVision from start to finish, Zoie Nagelhout oversaw The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on the ground every day from start to finish, Kevin Wright came up with much of what you love about the Loki series and was right next to Kate Herron and Tom Hiddleston the entire time

It might be the most insight we got into the way they approach projects, as he confirmed they have one person focusing full time on a specific project. The latest Disney+ show helped us understand how time and dimensions are connected within this franchise before breaking it wide open.

There are people whose sole tasks it is to keep it in their head and deliver it for us and then we have interconnected meetings quite often about how things grow and evolve and [Louis D’Esposito] and I and [Victoria Alonso] bounce between all of those.


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Head writer Michael Waldron probably built upon the rules set by the last Avengers film that will continue to grow with the next Doctor Strange film. So, it continues to grow with each project and the multiverse might just be the beginning. Before that, What If will be our first follow-up into the multiverse. It seems that the Marvel Studios team found out about the overarching rules now that it is public information.

As you indicated before we started recording, the multiverse is coming up in a big way. There’s interconnectivity there that people have already started to see and suss out and I had a meeting this morning with the whole broad Marvel Studios team going through the multiverse and the rules of the multiverse and exactly how to really deliver on the excitement surrounding the multiverse.

He also goes on to say that they do make changes to adapt to the ongoing storylines but never at the sacrifice of the individual story being told. As the franchise continues to grow through films and Disney+, they will have a lot of opportunities to explore the multiverse in new and creative ways. Here’s hoping they’ll share some more information in the coming months.

Source: D23 Inside Disney via The Direct

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