How Bob Iger’s Mandate Could Reshape Marvel Studios Future Slate

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Though it had long been clear that Marvel Studios was dialing back on the number of projects to be released each year, Disney big wig Bob Iger quantified what fans should expect in a recent investor call. According to Iger, the plan moving forward is for Marvel Studios to slowly get to a point where they release 2 streaming series and 2-3 movies each year. Given the most recent updated slate from the studio still had 4 films set to release in 2025 and 4 more in 2026, it’s easy to see how that might be a problem. While it’s possible Disney will roll out a new Marvel Studios slate at this year’s D23 in August, all we can do for now is speculate as to what the future may hold…and so we will, operating under the assumption that Iger was referring to live-action series given Marvel Animation has several series that could easily be released in 2024, 2025 and 2026.


During the investor conference call, Iger only mentioned two 2025 releases by name: Captain America: Brave New World and Thunderbolts*. Both of those films will definitely be ready to roll out in 2025, though there has been some doubt expressed that Brave New World will be ready for its February 14, 2025 date as it has some significant work to do via reshoots. However, both The Fantastic Four and Blade are also on the 2025 theatrical slate and if Iger sticks to his plan, only one of those would hit theaters next year and that’s only IF the studio decides to go with a third film. Of those, The Fantastic Four is the best bet as it will begin production soon enough to make it out before the end of 2025.

Cracking the potential lineup for the streaming projects is actually quite a bit simpler. After recently completing filming, Season 1 or Part 1 of Daredevil: Born Again will almost certainly hit sometime in 2025. It’s most likely to be joined next year by Ironheart, which has more or less been in the can for nearly two years.

Ultimately, a scenario like the one we predicted back in mid-January might just work.


Captain America: Brave New World
The Fantastic Four


Daredevil: Born Again


Since the project should begin production in 2025, it becomes easy to slide Blade into 2026. After that, projects such as Armor Wars, Spider-Man 4, Shang-Chi 2 and Avengers 5 are all rumored to be headed into production at various points in 2025. While Marvel Studios will produce the new Spidey film, they have no control over its release date so we won’t waste time and energy thinking about that one for now. Iger also sounded very eager to get to another Avengers film so if we had to pick 3 for 2026, we’d go with Blade, Armor Wars and Avengers 5.

Again, the streaming slate seems far easier to work with simply because there are far fewer projects to think about. Wonder Man seems like a sure bet for 2026. And while the second season/second part of Daredevil: Born Again used to seem like a good fit, it’s possible Vision Quest might beat it to the punch should its rumored October start date hold.


Armor Wars
Avengers 5


Wonder Man
Vision Quest


Breaking the pattern here for a beat, by 2027 the number of known live-action projects in development is reduced to Daredevil: Born Again. Sure, there are a number of rumored projects but given Iger’s comments, how many of those can truly be counted on to make it to the screen?

Theatrically, 2027–which as of now only has a date set aside for Avengers: Secret Wars–could include Shang-Chi 2, Doctor Strange 3–which has not been confirmed to be in development by the studio or any trades. Our best guess is that by the time 2027 rolls around, we’ll only get two films and Secret Wars will get pushed down the road a bit.


Shang-Chi 2
Doctor Strange 3


Daredevil: Born Again Part 2/Season 2

As we wait for the studio to officially address the slate (or for a trade to break some news), it’s best not to take any of this too seriously and to understand we are in a time of ever-increasing uncertainty. Iger did say they would slowly change things around which might mean fans can look forward to 4 films a year in 2025 and 2026 before things slow down in 2027 and beyond. Either way, Iger’s comments point to fans having 4-5 Marvel Studios projects a year to enjoy which is great any way you slice it.

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