The All-New, All-Different Hypothetical 2025 Marvel Studios Release Calendar, V2

Though there have been no official announcements by Marvel Studios, the outlook for 2025 may have changed significantly in the very short amount of time that has passed since we published The All-New, All-Different Hypothetical 2025 Marvel Studios Release Calendar, V1. And that means it’s time for an update!

January 15th-March 12th: Daredevil: Born Again, Part 1

New directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have completed taking stock of the footage that was shot last year and seem to have come away with a little less work to do than fans thought. The latest word is that the directing duo and showrunner Dario Scardapane were able to condense what was filmed into 6 episodes and that they’ll be getting to work on filming a new pilot episode and two additional episodes to complete Part One. However…

According to star Vincent D’Onofrio, this highly anticipated streaming series may no longer be 18 episodes…but will it be more or will it be less?

It seems like there are a few shows that could work with more episodes, then some that just need eight or 10 or six. Echo is like five. I think this show [Born Again] could definitely work with more episodes and I know that Charlie [Cox] is, and I am too, happy to do that.

-Vincent D’Onofrio on the Daredevil: Born Again episode count

Whatever the final total ends up being, it seems Part 1 is still on track for an early 2025 release.

May 2nd: Captain America: Brave New World

The great release date shuffle may never end but a new round may start with Captain America: Brave New World. At one point in time, the studio set aside 5 months for additional photography to take place and brought in Matthew Ortman to script those scenes. While the hope is to start in mid-2024, we’ve heard cameras will not roll again until the powers that be are content with what’s been written rather than trying to course correct on the fly. Whether or not they actually film for 5 months, this project cannot afford to be a miss so expect them to take their time which may just mean it gets bumped off its February date and lands in May.

July 25: Thunderbolts

Steven Yeun dropped out of the film in early January and though the studio reportedly offered fellow TWD alum Austin Abrams the role of Sentry, the film is still without its Robert Reynolds as now. It’s not quite crunch time yet, however, as principal photography isn’t due to start for another 8-12 weeks. So–for now–this one stays here and can easily make its July release.

September 3rd-October 8th: Ironheart

As was the prevailing belief, star Dominique Thorne confirmed that Ironheart has completed filming. That means it’s just sitting in the can waiting to be released at Marvel Studios’ pleasure. Given all the concern over many of the projects the last few years, that’s a welcome change. It sounds like a very safe bet that this will roll out in Fall 2025.

November 7: Fantastic Four

In an effort to accommodate the schedule of yet-to-be-announced-as-Reed-Richards star Pedro Pascal, it seems as though the start of production on Fantastic Four has been bumped into the second half of 2024. If that’s accurate, there’s absolutely no way this makes its May 2025 release date and there’s no need to rush it out in July when Thunderbolts SHOULD be completely ready to go. And so, the first family’s MCU debut will have to wait…perhaps until November. There should be no concern about WHEN MCU movies debut anymore (Doctor Strange, Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever all did very well at the box office in November) but rather that they release when they are ready to release. That might just mean Mahershal Ali’s Blade gets bumped to 2026 but that might just do the studio a favor as its one and only announced 2026 project might need some more time to cook anyway.

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