‘Moon Knight’ Confirms the Existence of the “Overvoid” Heliopolis

In Episode 3 of Moon Knight, the realm known as the Overvoid was officially established within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Moon Knight seems to be doing a lot of things: an exploration of mental health, dense Ancient Egyptian mythology, and a classic superhero-needing villain. While Moon Knight is notably relatively disconnected from the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, it might be building another corner of it. While Episode 3 confirms Khonshu’s home realm, there is a twist.

Episode 3 of the series confirmed that the realm known as the Overvoid. Also known as the Othervoid or Celestial Heliopolis, the Overvoid is the home dimension of beings known as the Ancient Egyptian gods. While in the Pyramid of Giza, Khonshu speaks through Marc Spector to the other avatars and their gods and tells them to return to Earth from the Overvoid or risk losing Earth.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3

This is significant in a few ways. First, the actual existence of the Overvoid expands on the MCU cosmos. The Overvoid is an Asgard-like realm. Its appearance as a large city built on a tiny planet is similar to Asgard’s. Its passage to Earth is a golden bridge through space, called the Path of the Gods, which is similar to the Asgardians’ Bifrost. The world of space gods that came to be revered by humans is expanding—with Norse gods and now Ancient Egyptian gods, beings like the Olympians could come later.

More interesting for the potential events of Moon Knight, though, is the fact that Khonshu’s statement seems to imply that the gods can come and go willingly from the Overvoid. In the comics, that is just generally not true. In fact, the reason the gods use humans as avatars is specifically because they cannot have a physical presence on Earth. So usually, they are somewhat stuck in the Overvoid, but that may not be the case in Moon Knight. Considering Arthur Harrow is seeking out Ammit, this could have huge implications for the series.

The first three episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+.

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