‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3 Just Gave Us the Strongest Evidence of Jake Lockley Yet

The third episode of Moon Knight does a lot to suggest that Jake Lockley alter from the comics will finally make his debut soon.

Throughout the past few weeks, more and more evidence in Moon Knight is pointing towards a potential introduction of a third personality alongside Marc Spector and Steven Grant. If the series does introduce another alter, chances are it will be Jake Lockley, who is the third classic Moon Knight identity from the comics. We have previously explored what looked like clues in Moon Knight Episode 1 and Episode 2. Even without Oscar Isaac’s own suggestion that Marc and Steven are not the only two characters he plays in the series, Episode 3 leaves very little room to doubt that there is another personality waiting to make their appearance. 

The Blackout

If anything in Moon Knight has virtually confirmed that Jake Lockley exists, it is the scene in Episode 3 where Marc and Steven both blackout while fighting a group of people. Previously, we saw Steven blackout when (presumably) Marc took control of the body, but we have never before been presented with a situation where we know neither of them could have been in control. During the fight, Marc and Steven blackout and reawaken to quite the massacre–they violently killed everyone they had been fighting. They both claim they were not responsible, which means someone else was. Considering in the comics Jake is often the most violent, brutal, and remorseless personality, it makes all too much sense that Jake could have taken over to do what had to be done to get them out of that situation.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3

“That Wasn’t Me”

While Marc Spector has certainly been portrayed as much more violent than Steven Grant, his actions do not align with the type of violence suggested by the blackout mentioned above. He has his moments, sure, like when Steven seemingly stops Marc before Marc slashes someone’s throat. But even in this episode, there are numerous times he specifically holds back while fighting. Another exciting tidbit for Jake Lockley searchers comes before the main blackout, where Marc encounters a group he had previously fought on the roof (and ultimately pretty brutally kicked the s*** out of).

He wants to talk to them for information, but they try to run because they are scared of him after the fight. He yells at them, “That wasn’t me!” Well, if Marc is trying to say whatever added violence came over him during the rooftop fight was not him, who was it? We know it was not Steven. There was not a blackout on the roof, but this goes along with previous clues that perhaps Jake takes over when it appears Marc loses his emotional/anger control and gets hyper-violent as he did briefly in the last episode

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3
Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3

Arthur Harrow Definitely Seems to Know There are More Personalities

We do not know with certainty how much Arthur Harrow knows about our protagonists. But it seems to be much more than he shows on the surface. There is very little doubt that when he used his Ammit cane to try and judge Steven in Episode 1, he learned a lot about (at least) Steven and Marc. Episode 3 confirms that he learned at least some of Marc’s past–perhaps his memories–from this. Harrow tells Layla that he knows her father was murdered and that Marc is not telling her the truth about it. From what we have seen, there is no other way Harrow could know about Marc’s involvement in something like that unless the cane process showed him.

So why is this interesting? If he saw Marc by reading Steven, he could have seen other personalities that existed. While telling the court of avatars that Marc is unwell, he notes: “We have no idea how many personalities he might have.” This is reminiscent of the last episode as well, where he makes a similar comment that can be read as Harrow having knowledge of other personalities of Marc and Steven. If he had no reason to believe there were more than the two, it seems unlikely he would keep referencing more than the two he has met. Plus, it could be another subtle nod from the writers that more personalities are possible. 

Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3

The first three episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+.

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